Metal Mosaic Tile Stainless Steel marine brushed grey 1,6mm Dome-S-S-MB

Metal Mosaic Tile Stainless Steel marine brushed grey 1,6mm Dome-S-S-MB

Metal Mosaic Tile Stainless Steel marine brushed grey 1,6mm Dome-S-S-MB

Metal Mosaic Tile Stainless Steel marine brushed grey 1,6mm Dome-S-S-MB. At our shop you'll find everything for a beautiful home - and all from one single source. The product will be manufactured exclusively for you.

Mosaic tile massiv metal Stainless Steel marine brushed grey ALLOY Dome-S-S-MB. Suited to all areas in the home as well as to commercial premises.

Sleek, solid and unrelentingly stylish, ALLOY tiles have changed the'face' of mosaics by delivering the authentic, seductive sheen of metal for interior and exterior surfaces. The metal tile of choice for leading architects and designers from around the world, ALLOY was the first and is still the only company to use a solid 1.6mm material punched from a single sheet of the highest quality metal, ensuring an unsurpassed finish that is designed to last a lifetime.

The unique ALLOY tile sheets, unlike low-grade copies, are long lasting and hardwearing and contain no backing mesh, plastic inserts or metal look-alike'metallic' coatings so they won't dent, crack or de-laminate. All our suppliers must respond to high quality standards and our products comply with the strictest norms to guarantee your satisfaction. Our customer service is there for you, don't hesitate to request various colour combinations when you ask for a quote.

Custom-made product: The product will be manufactured exclusively for you. ALLOY Stainless Steel tiles are sleek, solid, long lasting and hardwearing with an unsurpassed finish. Each ALLOY tile is punched from one solid sheet of the hightest quality Stainless Steel, providing a unique weight and seductive tactility. ALLOY Stainless Steel tiles are available in Brushed finish, Mirror Polished finish and Matte finish.

If the tiles are for pools, water features or exterior use in ocean environments, we recommend Marine Grade Stainless Steel, available in either Brushed or Mirror Polished finish. Stainless Steel marine grade (brushed & mirror) For pools, water features and other outdoor uses where ALLOY tiles may be exposed to coastal environments or brackish water, we suggest the use of Marine grade stainless steel tiles.

This is simply a stainless steel rated for use in marine environments to avoid pitting corrosion. The AISI number grade is 316 and refers to the chromium content. This is the type of stainless steel used for water mains supplying drinking water.

If you can't decide right now, we offer samples of all our tiles. Please refer to the installation information. When installing your tiles, only use the adhesive recommended by your supplier and LATICRETE-brand mortar and sealer additives. Please only use the adhesive as well as mortar and sealer additives from LATICRETE for the installation.

These are recommended by the producer. You can easily order your product samples online.

Don't let go this opportunity to convince yourself of the excellent quality of our products. Take your time to choose your favourite product relaxed at home where you can try out, combine and think about your selection. To quickly find a certain sample fill in the search box with the word "sample" and the article number. We only sell original articles. High quality for sophisticated and quality-conscious clients.

That's why we can offer these goods at very advantageous prices. All orders are dispatched very quickly as all items are available at our warehouse. We place much importance on trust and reliability and constantly get positive reviews from our clients. That match with your personal style, be it baroque.

As well as modern non-woven wallpaper. Furthermore we offer decorative wall panels.

Metal Mosaic Tile Stainless Steel marine brushed grey 1,6mm Dome-S-S-MB